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CF-15C - Convertible


CF-15C - Convertible

Ever wondered what the “C” before CF-15C Eagle meant?
Well, hereby the official explanation of the Air Force.

Just like a Dodge Challenger or a Ford Mustang,
quite some folks like a Convertible.

Then why should McD not deliver a F-15C Eagle - Convertible?

The first CF-15C - Convertible flight was made on August, 1989 at
Soesterberg Air Base,
which was The Test Facility of this new conversion.
To get a general idea, Camp New Amsterdam
had the same classification as Groom Lake now days.

On the picture you see the landing after a successful test flight.

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Credit: IvG & Webmaster


Tests like this has been successfully conducted under different
climate conditions.
Now we know that after the testing at Soesterberg.
The same procedure of testing has taken place during
extreme cold weather in Alaska
and in 1990 during extreme hot and dry weather conditions
at an unknown Air Force Base in Nevada,
just North/ East of Las Vegas, NV.

After running different tests,
the Air Force decided that this type was so classified.
That to hide the “Convertible” CF-15C,
they mounted a canopy over the cockpit.
Therefore many people think they have seen a F-15C,
while actually they have seen a
CF-15C – Convertible.




Well actually the F-15 lost its canopy during a ZULU take-off in the
late afternoon that day.

Shortly after losing the canopy,
the pilot was able to land safely at Soesterberg Air Base.

No one got hurt or incurred that day,
and that’s the main thing, isn’t?



Does anyone have extra information, or maybe know the pilots name?








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