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Tail Code - CR
Credit: Webmaster


The history of the 'CR' tail code of the 32nd TFS.
Background information of the use of tail codes, which begun by PACAF during
late 1966 and adopted by TAC in early 1968, was extended to USAFE in January 1970.
The first letter of the two-letter code, which represented the wing,
was usually the initial letter of the base name.
The second letter, which designated the squadron,
consisted of a series of letters which
were the same for all USAFE.
The letters used were 'R', 'S', 'T' , 'U' and 'V', if there was a fifth squadron.
These particular letters were apparently selected to avoid,
as much as possible, duplication of codes already being used by TAC and PACAF units.

The 32nd TFS was assigned the 'CR' tail code in 1970.
The base initial, 'C', was apparently selected to represent Camp New Amsterdam,
and the squadron identification letter, 'R',
chosen was the first letter in the series,
since the 32nd TFS was the only squadron assigned to the base.

The tail code 'SR' referring to Soesterberg wasn’t possible ,
since that tail code was already in use by the
62nd Tactical Airlift Squadron at Sewart AFB, Tenn.

In 1972 the system was changed with the implementation of a single
code was used to designate the entire wing, rather than one for each individual squadron.
This resulted in the elimination of many codes, along with the introduction of a few new codes.

That is how the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron retained it's 'CR' code.







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