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ONE who looks for the first time at a large map of Holland must be amazed to think that a country so made can exist. At first sight, it is impossible to say whether land or water predominates, and whether Holland belongs to the continent or to the sea. Its jagged and narrow coast-line, its deep bays and wide rivers, which seem to have lost the outer semblance of rivers and to be carrying fresh seas to the sea; and that sea itself, as if transformed to a river, penetrating far into the land, and breaking it up into archipelagoes; the lakes and vast marshes, the canals crossing each other everywhere,—

all leave an impression that a country so broken up must disintegrate and disappear. It would be pronounced a fit home for only beavers and seals, and surely its inhabitants, although of a race so bold as to dwell there, ought never to lie down in peace.


When I first looked at a large map of Holland these thoughts crowded into my mind, and I felt a great desire to know something about the formation of this singular country; and as what I learned impelled me to make a book, I write it now in the hope that I may lead others to read it.

Edmondo de Amicis Book Olanda (Holland) 1876



Visitors Information:

Soesterberg Air Base / Camp New Amsterdam

The last F-15 Eagle of the 32nd left Soesterberg AB on January 13, 1994. The Dutch government closed Soesterberg Air Base in 2008, Camp New Amsterdam is still in use by the Dutch Military.

Soesterberg (Air Base) will be transformed, with in the next few years, into a rec area with many military museums. ( The Military Aircraft Museum from Soesterberg, will be moved to the Air Base as well )

Today it is possible (and legal) to visit part of the Air Base and the Runway, you can enter Soesterberg Air Base from the site of the village Soesterberg. Entrance: Veldmaarschalk Montgomeryweg (across from number 65) , Soesterberg, Netherlands

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Soesterberg Runway "Today"


Public Transport


or for train only:


Global (Europian Train Pass = quite cheap and fun)



The Military Aviation Museum

Nationaal Militair Museum (NMM)


New location, on base, at Soesterberg under a new name

Nationaal Militair Museum (NMM)



Royal Place Soestdijk



Tourist Information Utrecht




The Zaanse Schans

One of Holland's top tourist destinations ( just 10 mile north of Amsterdam ) The Zaanse Schans is a delightful village on the banks of the river Zaan with characteristic green wooden houses, charming stylized gardens, small hump-backed bridges, tradesmen's workshops, historic windmills and engaging little shops. This enchanting village has been lovingly established by relocating local houses, windmills, storehouses and barns to form a remarkable replica of a typical Zaanse village of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Apart from the cluster of windmills, characteristic wooden houses and delightful shops to visit, there are intriguing traditional Dutch crafts such as wooden shoes, pewter and cheese making, several fascinating museums, restaurants and even the possibility of taking a boat trip on the river. The Zaanse Schans is open daily throughout the year.




Keukenhof and flowers belong together. This year 100,000 additional tulips and other bulb flowers



Zuiderzee Museum

( Museum in Enkhuizen, just 20 mile north of Amsterdam )

In 1932 the Afsluitdijk (the IJsselmeer Barrier Dam) closed off the former Zuiderzee from the North Sea, and the two inland seas thus created were called the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer (meer is Dutch for ‘lake’). The Zuiderzee Museum is oriented toward the history, the current situation and the future of this area. It focuses upon the themes of water, crafts and communities. This story is visualized in the outdoor museum with historical buildings, and in the indoor museum with thematic exhibitions. Heritage, visual art, photography and design play an important role in this context.

The open-air section covers 15 acres and accommodates authentic buildings from the former Zuiderzee region, such as a church, a fish-curing shed, a mill, a cheese warehouse, shops and dwelling houses from the surrounding fishing villages. Staff and volunteers demonstrate historical crafts from everyday life at the beginning of the previous century. A number of presentations offer a modern interpretation of traditional crafts, materials and themes.



Heineken Experience

(Museum in Downtown Amsterdam)



Van Gogh Museum

(Museum in Downtown Amsterdam)



Boom Chicago

(Downtown Amsterdam)

English language shows appeal to internationally-minded Dutch people, the expat community and sharper visitors to the city. Our themes vary, but we are drawn to life in Amsterdam, culture clash, current events and technology.














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